Inside Your Fuego – You Can Feel Good! New Designs from the Schvice

Check out these new Fuego and Hood shirt and sticker desgins from our phriend Pete Overton at the Schvice!

The Rogue Fuego design is based on the Rogue Beer logo, and comes in two versions.  The version with the image of the Renault Fuego (car) is available in several different color combinations, and the one without the car is available in black, with the star and “IT” in red.  The non-car version is also available as a green and black sticker as an homage to the original green and black Phish sticker.  Both are currently available on T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, stickers, mugs, and bottles. Order yours before Fall Tour Here!

image (1) image

The Good About Hood design is based on the Hood Dairy logo.  It’s a stealthy design, because of course only a Phish fan (or a fan of Hood dairy) will understand the connection between the word “good” and the Hood logo.  It is currently available on T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, stickers, and mugs. Order yours Here!

All the clothing is available at
The stickers are available at

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