Isadora Bullock Releases More Summer Tour Prints!

Isadora is working on several prints for Summer tour 2013. She has a 30th anniversary, summer tour 2013, Alpharetta, and Gorge prints available along with shirts and prints available on her website, follow her on twitter or like her Facebook for archive prints or for the release of new ones as summer tour goes on!

“Central Part of Town” is a 2 color lineocut print (1 of the layers is a 3 color fade), 15″x 16″, limited addition of 75 for the Alpharetta GA shows July 16-17, 2013.

This print is $30 plus shipping.

“30th Anniversary” is a 3 color linocut print, 11″x15″, limited edition of 100 celebrating 30 years of Phish.

This print is $20 plus shipping.

“Summer Tour 2013″ is a 3 color linocut print, 11″x15”, limited edition of 100.

This print is $20 plus shipping.

“Blastoplast Phish The Gorge 2013″ is a 4 color linocut print, 15″x 21.5”, limited edition of 125, for the shows July 26-27th, 2013.
Gorge Complete

This print is $35 plus shipping.

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