It’s Ice/Blades of Steel shirt on lot at Jones Beach

Look for PhanArtist Branden Otto selling these shirts.  The cost is $15.00 with $1 from each sale benefiting Mockingbird Foundation. Sizes left are Large and XLarge

Update August 17th: These shirts were stolen from Branden’s car at Deer Creek. Only the posters were left behind. IF you see anyone selling these shirts, DO NOT BUY THEM. They are stolen and belong to Branden and his girlfriend. If you see them, please contact Branden at or PhanArt Pete at

Update August 14th: Branden and his girlfriend got robbed in Deer Creek when someone broke into their car. These shirts and his prints are all they have to make it back home.

2 thoughts on “It’s Ice/Blades of Steel shirt on lot at Jones Beach”

  1. After unpacking all of our stuff from Deer Creek and thinking the bag with the rest of the shirts were still in the car, we were surprised to find out we also got these stolen!

    If you see these shirts for sale, dont buy them! they are now stolen! Please try to find out who is selling them though.

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