It’s Ice/Breaking Bad Shirts are Here!

A very hot item on lot and sought after by many fans is finally on PhanArt. The original idea and design for the Walter White “It’s Ice” aka “It’s Heisenberg” 30th Anniversary Design with Fishman Glasses (first a sticker, now a shirt) is from Thea Baynes, with conceptualization and additional design ideas by Thea Baynes, Sean Duerr & Shawn Wiltse and computer graphic interpretation by Shawn Wiltse. The Breaking Bad Type Font used for the lettering and all numbers in the Element “Cerium” or “Ce” relate to the Band and the 30th Anniversary!

Shirts are printed with visual on the front using Gildan 2000 brand, preshrunk 100% cotton fabric, with two colors available on PhanArt – Gravel Gray (as seen at Dick’s!) and Light Blue. There will be two additional colors available on Fall Tour, White and Brown. You can find these shirts on Fall Tour at every show except for Hampton and Reading.

The light blue shirt is a limited edition and less than 15 will be made. (Five of each – S, M, L, XL) While the gray shirt will come in all sizes with limited XXL sizes. Shirts are $21-$24 depending on size, plus shipping.



71 thoughts on “It’s Ice/Breaking Bad Shirts are Here!”

  1. Just an FYI everyone. Large Blues and XXL Grey’s are on back order until 09/23/2013. If you place an order for those two colors they will not ship until then.

    All other colors are currently available.


    1. I could probably do a special order if you’d like. Let me know the size and color you’d like and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

  2. The next batch of shirts are finished so if you are waiting they will be packages up tonight and shipped out tomorrow!

    Thanks for being so patient!

  3. So- If we picked one up earlier this week, they are shipping today? I received an email saying that my “package was on its way” but the tracking hasn’t had any further updates. thanks- do you ship Priority or First class?

    1. Ben, all of the back orders were packaged and dropped off at the post office Friday evening. You should see tracking updates by now.

      If not, please let me know.

  4. I’m looking for an XL white shirt. Anyone know if they have this print in this type of shirt color/size? And if so, where to find it?

  5. Hey! I’m going to my first show of Fall tour next Friday. I just placed an order for the grey shirt. Do you think it will get to Boston in time for my show? This shirt is AWESOME! Thank you!

  6. Hey man! Love the shirts and I would love to own an XL Light Blue. I know your going on tour but I unfortunately cannot make it. I saw your post in phish pins about last call before Thursday and I want to make the cut off time so I can get this bad boy STAT!! LMK if you have one if not it’s cool ill order a different color tomorrow Thanks!

    1. Hey Nicholas, we do have XL Light Blues. If you can get the order in before Thursday at 430pm I’ll be sure to drop it off before I leave for Hampton.

      Thanks man!

  7. Hey Sean I just placed an order for a Large Light Blue It’s Ice Heisenberg shirt… I forgot to mention in the order my apartment number…. 2D is the apartment number!!!! awesome shirt man. Enjoy Hampton! Transaction ID: 2V297298YV982401M

  8. AWESOME shirts Sean, a buddy of mine just texted me a picture of one and IMMEDIATELY bought one. I was wondering if you could help me change the color of my order, I just placed an order for a small grey by accident instead of a blue one.

    Keep up the killer work!

    1. Brandon, I’m really sorry but this was packaged out and mailed out before I left for AC for the Halloween run. If you’d like to exchange it shoot me an email and we can try to work something out. -> – Thanks!

  9. Hey Guys! I tried to find you tonight after the show, but I was unsuccessful… I just bought a shirt from phanart, but I would love the pin too… Do you think they’ll be on here too at some point? Or if not is there any way to purchase one?
    Thanks! And kudos on an absolutely brilliant design.

  10. Hey – grabbed one of these in AC but lost it with my mind Thursday. – I don’t remember how it fit. I usually get an XL from phish dry goods since they’re always snug fitting but I wear a L normally. What should I order.

    The Lion

  11. Interested in a blue M or L but what you recommend cause I dont like when T’s are too big and I am 6’1″ 175 lbs

    1. I would probably go with a large if you are 6’1″. What size t-shirt do you normally wear? They do run pretty true to size, maybe slightly larger than normal but not by much.

  12. Hi Sean,

    Great stuff! I just ordered/received a gray t shirt for my girlfirend. Even though it’s a size small, its still pretty big for a woman.
    I know it doesnt have them available above, but are there any smaller sizes?


  13. Hello! I was wondering if you would be doing any women’s shirts? Like cotton bamboo blends, shorter sleeves, less bulky? It just for me so it doesn’t have to be for Christmas.

  14. Hi, I just ordered the It’s Ice t-shirt yesterday and I was wondering if this would be shipping out soon. I am hoping to get it before Christmas and there was no shipping info when I ordered it. Thanks!

  15. Hey there!

    I am doing some last minute holiday shopping. Do you think this will arrive before the 25th? Just like the previous message, there wasn’t any shipping info when I ordered it.


  16. I ordered this shirt before christmas. Is it on back order or can i get some information about where my shirt is?

      1. Sorry about the delay, haven’t been on here for a bit. I do have shirts available in all sizes and both colors. The larges are running low on inventory though 🙂

    1. Sorry about the delay, haven’t been on here for a bit. I do have shirts available in all sizes and both colors. The larges are running low on inventory though

  17. So you guarantee delivery? What is the shipping time? Saw this shirt at Hampton this fall and didn’t pull the trigger. No offense, I just don’t want to get ripped off.

  18. Purchased a medium grey shirt on Wednesday. Was wondering if you could provide shipping conformation.


    1. Sorry I’ve been on tour all week but I sent all new orders out on Sunday. You should have gotten a shipping email from PayPal. Did you receive one?

      If not, the tracking ID is 9400109699939062768146

  19. Any of these artists make any phanart t-shirts in small/ med in woman’s size and cut? I drown in the men’s small and find neckline uncomfortable. Trouble locating shirts that fit me!

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