Pre-SuperBall IX artist and glass blowers gathering on Keuka Lake 6/30

Seth Olney who operates the The Olney Place in the middle of the east side of Keuka lake is offering up his space on the Thursday night before the festival begins on June 30th at 6:30pm for a pre SuperBall IX CrazyRedBeard art show. While this is not an official poster show, it will feature lots of prints, paintings, pins, shirts and you’ll get first shot before lot at any SuperBall IX merch available. There will be live music and live painting as well.

CrazyRedBeard is looking to make this a truly unique experience that people will remember, as well as a nice pre-jam before the jelly, if you will. He is also looking to incorporate a few local glass blowers as well.

From Seth, a preview of The Olney Place and Keuka Lake…

“Keuka lake has a unique shape that has inspired many an artist. “Oddly enough we live in Yates County and the lake is shaped like the letter “Y”…its a very magical place. It’s so beautiful…on that weekend, it will be awe inspiring.I really hope the Phish scene has a chance to explore this place…we will def help them. It’s a small adventure just getting from Watkins to here. Back roads, along water, laced with wineries and vineyards.”

About The Olney Place 823 East Lake Road, Penn Yan, NY 14527 Hours Mon – Sat: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm Sun: 7:00 am – 2:00 pm. This place is a one stop shop for those last minute items needed to maximize your time on beautiful Keuka Lake. By land or by lake, it’s The Olney Place. Park on the street or on Lot. Phone 315-536-5454

Please contact with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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