Jake Palmer’s SuperBall IX and Phunk War Posters

When Jake Palmer went to SuperBall IX, he brought 150 of his SuperBall IX posters and 150 Phunk War posters.
Security said he couldnt taken them in and after much discussion, Jake had to leave the prints outside the gate in lieu of confiscating them. All 150 were left and Jacob thought he was out all the money he invested into his hard work.

A week or so after SuperBall IX, Jacob got a random Facebook message from a fellow phan and Clean Vibes volunteer who was assigned to pick up a pile of trash near the gate. He found Jacob’s box of prints which had his name and phone number on the top. He thought it would be a shame to see Jacob’s hard work go to waste so he saved the box of prints, brought them home with him to Oregon, contacted Jacob and mailed them back to Vermont. For this, a debt of gratitude is owed to the Oregon phan, as Jacob was blown away and very grateful! Only 62 of 150 SuperBall prints and 84 of 150 Phunk War prints we recovered in this process. Read below to check out info about each print.

Digital Print
100# white card stock
150 Originally printed (only 62 were recovered then signed and numbered)

Descriptions from Jacob: I have been doing prints for all of the 3.0 shows I have gone to in order to fund my travels and make lasting memories for my phellow phish phans. Not everyone can afford a $50 official print and not a lot of people are willing to stand in line for something that might sell out before they get to it. I love art just like I love phish and want people to enjoy my art the way they enjoy phish.

The first print is titled “Foam“. For this print I decided to go with a geometric/psychedelic theme and incorporated the Red White and Blue of our very own star spangled banner in the 4th of July spirit. The texture that you see in the “Ball” (which is also reminiscent of the designs on the Ferris wheel during the “Ball Jam”) is actually a photo of a wave breaking on the beach creating sea foam. I always enjoy playing with texture, Typography and breaking boarders in my designs. There is so much you can do with these simple elements to make a design more appealing to the eye. I decided to leave out the boarder in this print all together. Being that this was my first Phish festival I wanted to leave it wide open in hopes that it would bring me something that I had not yet experienced with Phish. After watching Phish festivals on video for years and hearing countless tails of past experiences from phriends I was ready for the boundary-less experience that was to come my way and boy did it ever!!


Digital Print
100# white Card stock
150 Originally printed (only 84 were recovered then signed and numbered)

My second print is titled “Phunk War“. This print was an idea that came to me while sitting in a pizza shop in Burlington with two of my bestfriends. An obvious inspiration to this print is the now well know street artist, Banksy as well as Phellow PhanArtist Buds’ “Makisupa Stop and Search”. I have always been inspired by graffiti, street art, and tagging. This is probably where I get my love for Typography. Banksy is a very political artist and Phish falls into the “hippie” category which historically has been very political so I wanted to do something that played on politics in the Phish scene today. There are not a lot of protests to be scene in this day and age of “hippies” instead we have our own form of riot and we do it when something or someone touches our soul. In this case it’s the music of phish and we respond not with picket signs saying what we don’t want but signs requesting our favorite song and not with the throwing of grenades or flaming glass bottles filled with K-1 but with thousands upon thousands of (mostly)harmless glow sticks being hurled through the air creating live art and adding to the already indescribable moment at hand. I created this print to add to the already amazing amount of Phan-art out there and I hope that it adds to your memories of Phish.

The cost for each poster is $17.60, which includes shipping and handling.

SuperBall IX

Phunk War

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