Jamie Lee Meyer’s Curveball Print Available Now

While the weekend we all had planned with Phish in Watkins Glen was a wash, it would have been a real tragedy if the art from our scene never saw the light of day. Thankfully many artists, including Jamie Lee Meyer, have released their Curveball work for fans to see and acquire. If you are a collector of phanart, you know Jamie’s work well. Her stunning Baker’s Dozen print was so perfect it sold out at the NYC Phanart Shows last summer and her effort this season is no less spectacular. Once again Jamie nails it! Her execution presages what certainly would have been a weekend among the heavenly spheres. A Limited Edition of 200 signed prints  of Jamie’s Curveball poster have been released for sale with proceeds going to Watkins Glen Flood relief funds. The Ball may not have happened, but you can still grab a piece of the art and help the community. Only $22 – Order yours here!

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