Jamie Morgan’s Gone Phishin’

From new PhanArtist Jamie Morgan is her piece Gone Phishin’. Painted on lot in Hershey and Portsmouth, the original piece is 24″ x 30 ” Acrylic and India Ink on Canvas.

Prints are available matted and framed for $60 on premium archival paper. Prints alone are $20.

The original is also for sale for $600, or best offer. Contact Jamie at jamiemorganart@gmail.com to purchase.

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Gone Phishin'

2 thoughts on “Jamie Morgan’s Gone Phishin’”

  1. Hey Jamie, do you have professional training? It seems as tho you do; if you’ve known artists in art history, I am very much reminded of Paul Klee’s work for some reason in this piece (one of my favorite artists). I wanted to let you know that you seem to have done (or are doing) a style of art that is innovative – that is, taking from what all’s been done in art ( uh, EVERYTHING, it seems!) & twisting & tweaking it into something new for the common day…sorry if I’m way off base here. It’s just that it’s refreshing to see other artists show hints of past artists in history; ya know, how sometimes w/Phish, you can hear hints of Zappa, the Stones, ZZ Top, older (and I mean OLD) country/southern blues, Allmans, symphony, funk, Pink Floyd, even the Beatles etc…I love eclectic art. You have achieved a style that I, as a fellow artist trained & skilled in many areas of art (mainly painting & illustrating) w/a college degree & a passion for killer music that expands your mind (& helps me create art as well – I don’t know about u!), recognize and appreciate. As I am a starving artist (ironic, eh?), tho, I would buy your work if I was selling work myself. I am the cover artist for PHANART, actually, Jamie. My website is http://www.saraehersh.com if u ever wanna check out some of my work; I haven’t updated a lot of work I’ve done in the last year or so, AND the site is under construction Maybe you could hitch to MY blog – it’s here on phanart.net’s blog, and leave a comment for me! Kudos on a great work, Sara Hersh from Des Moines, Iowa (unfortunately!) P,S, Are you gonna get to see Phish this tour, have u already, or do you have any other bands you’re phanatic about?

  2. Hey Sara !

    Thanks for lovly comment. I was looking at your work in my friend Jon’s Phanart book just the other day ! Very cool work. I saw 7 Phish shows this summer. Hershey being my first ever! Portsmouth was my favorite though…for sure. I like a lot of old ragtime /blues like Robert Johnson, Bo Diddley, Bessie Smith, Etc.

    Hope you have a Phantastic Summer !

    – Jams

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