JamPanties debut Funky Bitch Booty Shorts

JamPanties started in 2013 with the idea ‘Wouldn’t it be funny to make ‘Pageside Rageside panties?!’  The team sold 50 pairs before one of the shows at Northerly Island and realized they were onto something. The result has been amazing. It has opened conversations about women in the scene. Not all were wearing what “hippies” wore in the 60s.jampanties booty shorts

Phish girls are sexy and have style; Jampanties wants to embrace that and bring sexy back to lot. We believe women of all shapes and sizes should be able to show off in whatever way they want.

The Jampanties team has had girls send in photos wearing their product, saying “I’ve never done this before but It feels great. I feel sexy”. We believe that women should be proud of their bodies and not feel like they have to cover up. We are the modern hippie: instead of burning bras and no shirts, we rock no pants!

The Funky Bitch Booty shorts are printed on American Apparel with a distressed vintage look. They are great for raging, lounging , hooping, whatever you want. These are super comfy and come in sizes XS through XL. As a bonus, 10% of sales generated from PhanArt will benefit The Mockingbird Foundation.

Order a pair today at the Jampanties Etsy shop!

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