‘Java’ John Goldacker: Florida PhanArtist

A Radio DJ, Artist, former coffeeshop owner, father and husband living on the Space Coast of Florida, ‘Java’ John Goldacker creates some amazing art and has been featured in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish as well as  HOPE: A Collection of Obama Posters and Prints by Hal Wert

John was recently profiled in the Brevard County, Florida rag “The Beachside Resident” http://thebeachsideresident.com/2009/12/java-john-goldacker/

John was also commissioned for a series of sculptures, sponsored by Gibson Guitars, that were featured throughout Miami in early 2009 and later auctioned off for charity.



Java is also a poster artist and creates unique show posters and images of iconic musicians. A former Deadhead, John also helps to put together the annual ‘Jerry Daze‘, a Tribute to Jerry Garcia, a Live Jam Band event thatgoes strong every year & always raises cash for a good cause.

All the Posters seen below are $20 and includes shipping within the U.S.
The personalized PHISH PHAN Poster (below) is $50 and includes shipping within the U.S.

You can buy any of these by paypal.com – send money to javahnagila@hotmail.com

Phish Phan Custom Poster
Phish Phan Custom Poster

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