John Warner and JDub Allstars Summer Tour Shirts

JDub Allstars has some of the most awesome and original lot shirts this summer, and you can find them virtually anywhere on tour! Silk-screened on 100% Gildan cotton t-shirts  and costing just $20 on lot, these shirts take a step past your typical corporate logo shirts (not that there’s anything wrong with that). For sale are all mens sizes and ladies-fit and youth sizes as well, plus messenger bags and bandanas!

You can find John and JDub Allstars at ALL shows this first leg of Summer Tour except Alpharetta, Georgia.

11 thoughts on “John Warner and JDub Allstars Summer Tour Shirts”

  1. Wow…$20 bucks for a lot shirt or are these guys setting up a store in the lot…they may even take credit cards.

  2. jdub allstars makes some sick shirts. worth every penny. $20 shipped as well i believe, if there are any left after tour. if so, we will repost shirs available and how to buy them

  3. Is it possible to paypal you for a couple of these, would love to have the STFP, and possum shirts email me and let me know

  4. Hey all! glad you like the work, please contact me direct at jduballstars at g mail dot com and I’ll be happy to fill orders

    Thanks everyone and Thank you pete

  5. Just wanted to know what kind of stuff you have left. Meant to buy one in Camden N1 but didn’t get a chance. Would love to have a couple!

  6. I purchased my messenger bag because I saw Jim Helpert in the office television show (US). It’s nice and roomy. I could go around wearing it in ANY outfit. I mean any. I could go formal with a suit or go casual and it even goes well with shorts!

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