Julie Boardman – pottery and necklaces

Julie Boardman is an Oklahoma native living in Phoenix, Arizona.  Having been a potter for 15 years, she makes a variety of ceramic pieces including functional pieces including: bowls, mugs, and vases.  As a bonus, she also makes ceramic jewelry pendants.  Her pieces are eclectic and have various colors and textures represented.

CIMG7097 (Medium)

Julie’s husband Christopher is a veteran Phish fan and she has grown to love the band as well.  Having attended 8 a few weeks ago, she found it to be ‘quite an experience’, an understatement for a Phish festival first-timer.  Julie made some ceramic jewelry pieces and ceramic art to commemorate the event.

CIMG7096 (Medium)

Julie sells her necklaces for $ 15.00 (2 for $ 25 in the lot) with the buyers choice of hemp or leather strap.  $ 3.50 shipping with a discount on multiple orders.  As you can see from the second picture above, she does designs of dragon flies, turtles, coins, suns, hearts, Kanji (love), leaves and trees.   She does some on a regular firing and some raku (you can see the metallic shine of the raku below, with that particular piece displaying Kanji symbols)

CIMG6691 (Medium)

CIMG6695 (Medium)

Ordering info can be found….
CIMG6689 (Medium)

The bowls average $ 30.00 with the shipping a bit higher, $ 13.50  for USPS Priority.  Additionally, Julie does candle making and can take custom orders. Visit her website at

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