Justin Olson’s three posters from Summer Tour 2012

After printing tshirts for 12 years, Justin Olsen has decided to try his hand at posters, making three for Summer Tour 2012. The posters are $20 each which includes priority mail shipping. All of Justin’s prints measure 11×17″ use plastisol ink on chipboard, creating a unique ink design in each print. Justin’s prints can be seen and purchased below.

Summer Tour 2012 screenprint measures 11X17″ and I used plastisol ink on chipboard. The blend of ink on these prints make each poster unique. All posters are hand silk-screened and is signed and numbered. .

Here is a Portsmouth screenprint poster from 2012. The poster measures 11X17 inches and I used plastisol ink on chipboard. The blend of ink on this print makes each poster unique. The poster is hand silk screened and from a limited edition of 50. Each poster is signed and numbered. The price includes Priority Mail shipping.

Summer Tour 2012, edition of 100

Portsmouth, edition of 50

Atlantic City, edition of 50

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