Kev Farrington’s SPAC SOAM Poster

“Melt…split open and melt…” With its textured, complex, and sometimes esoteric improvisational section; a song like SOAM required a detailed and intricate image to represent the true spirit of the tune. The third eye of this fan is split wide open…the face melting from the intensity of a heavy SOAM jam. The notes of the jam flowing into the ears create the colors that melt and shape this entire image. The music produces beautiful vines from the outside of the eyes while liquifying the lower half of the face into drips and droplets of color. With the dates stuck on to the tongue of this fan and 2014 written down both sides of the image; this piece is an excellent way to commemorate the bands triumphant return to SPAC for a 3 night stand.

A limited run of 50 prints, each signed and numbered by the artist, are available. Prints are 7 colors at 11″x17″ with a 1/2″ white border. Prints are $25 each plus shipping. Order below via Paypal.


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