Kevin Mand’s Telluride print

About the poster: The original work was done on cold press illustration board with pigment liner pens. Kevin notes that he chose to do the black and white point-o-lism as he feels it relates to how Phish is to him, as well as it is a very intricate and timeconsuming process. After hiking around Telluride for a bit he brainstormed this idea at the town park stage thinking about the “bands view”. The prints where done digitally on 12pt semi-gloss paper, with only 250 done, they are all signed and numbered.

About the artist: Kevin Man grew up in Wisconsin and started going to Phish shows in 1995. He has always had a passion for art and now has the opportunity to start doing art relating to his favorite band. He is currently studying art and pursuing a degree in print making/graphic design.

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