“Kuroda Colors Light” and Trey Button from Lori Hartlein

From Lori Hartlein come two very unique pieces of Phish phan art.

“I couldn’t resist the Kuroda play-on Crayola. Since Chris is the “5th member of the band” and is being recognized more and more for his talent, I felt a box of  6 crayons in a clear plastic box reading “CK5” / “Kuroda Colors light” to honor Chris Kuroda, Phish’s light director. The box is stashy and reuseable and comes with Phish related artwork coloring paper. Great for kids!” Cost is $5

Comes with Crayons, Case AND Paper!
This provides evidence Kuroda enjoys hugs from cute girls

“Tell us a story, Trey?” Buttons are hand drawn art in a 2.25″ pinback button referring to The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday and the way Trey talks to audiences during songs such as Colonel Forbin’s Ascent. The cost is 1 for $3, 2 for $5 with $1 shipping and handling.


1 for 3, 2 for 5


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