Jiggs’ Kuroda shirts are in!

With the ever popular sticker having sold out multiple printings, and many months of requests for these, Jiggs is bringing back the Kuroda Laser Pointer shirts.

Chris got one of these stickers and placed it right on his light board, and Jiggs considered making at least make a few shirts. The lime green color was chosen to represent the laser color and the original run was on charcoal colored shirts.

After daily requests to reprint them, Jiggs decided on a run of the original colors, as well as a new one; a dark violet text on sand. The text is screen printed on a Gildan 6.1 oz. 100% cotton shirt.

You can also request a hoodie. They are priced at $40. Email Jiggs at mrminor@gmail.com for those requests.

Support your favorite lighting director!

Lime on Charcoal


Purple on Sand


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