Lake Tahoe prints from Quinn Sabatini

Quinn Sabitini from Denver has made his first (and second) Phish posters for the Lake Tahoe shows this week. Having done a good deal of poster art for Denver area bands, he took his talents and put them to Phish. Below is a description of his work in the artist’s words.

Lake Tahoe Phish Night One

“While reading a lot about the Lake Tahoe region, I stumbled on a ton of info about the local Indians that inhabited that part of the state many years ago, particularly The Washoe Indian Tribe. The inspiration for these posters came from a portrait of an Indian woman from said tribe. She looked weathered and worn but you could see the experience and wisdom in her eyes and skin. I used the portrait as a reference to hand draw an illustrative version of the Indian woman. The illustration was then scanned in to Photoshop and manipulated from there. I’ve always loved the concept of two posters for multiple night runs. I chose two color schemes that I thought would best represent the region of the country. I will be selling the posters on the lot in Lake Tahoe.”

Lake Tahoe Phish Night Two

The poster is in an edition of 40, signed and numbered, for each night. The prints measure 12″ x 18″, are digitally printed on 100lb (Night 1) and 110lb paper (Night 2). Each print costs $12, which includes shipping.

Lake Tahoe Night One
12″x18″ Digital Print on Classic Cream 100lb paper

Lake Tahoe Night Two
“12×18” Digital Print on Sky Blue 110lb paper

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