Limited Edition Art Available from The Mockingbird Foundation at Garcia’s on Saturday, May 16

At the upcoming PhanArt Presents show at Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre, there will be art featured from AJ Masthay, Pinsanity, Fred Sutter, The Shakedown Shop, PhanArt, as well as limited edition prints to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation.

All prints are first come, first serve, limit of 1 per person. Admission to the PhanArt show is $10, which includes sets from Solaris and Formula 5. Pick up tickets in advance here.

Among the limited edition prints and pins that are available include:

AJ Masthay “Famous Mockingbird” rare steel grey edition of 50 – 5 copies – $100 each


AJ Masthay “Phamily Poker Classic 3” (Gamehendge themed; day of Tahoe Tweezer > Tela) – 5 copies – $40 each

PPC3-600David Welker “Rutherford the Brave” mirror foil edition – 10 copies – $100 each

David Welker “Rutherford the Brave” mirror foil “scratch and dent” – 25 copies, $60 each (these have minor production flaws but should be great)


David Welker “Rutherford the Brave” Glow in the Dark variant – 8 copies – $70 each


AJ Masthay – Famous Mockingbird Pins. – Gold/Silver – I’ll try and send at least 10 matching number pairs. $15 each or $25/pair



Copies of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, available in print for the first time since 2011.



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