LOST/Phish shirts by Neil Fontenot

LOST and Phish have a great deal in common. While the TV show has gone above and beyond the norms of television by incorporating what are otherwise outlandish scenarios, a hard-core faithful are still anticipating the next 19 episodes that will finish the show. Likewise, what the average music fan doesnt understand, a Phish fan will. Phish does its own thing, and when it seems like they will fail, they succeed over and over again, drawing a close-knit audience together into a community that is practically left to itself amongst the greater community around us.

The tie-ins between LOST and Phish do not end there. Neil Fontenot created 3 incredibly unique designs that incorporate the best of both worlds – Phish and LOST.

Bathtub Jin (womans)
Bathtub Jin (womans)

Printed on high quality pre-shrunk cotton Gildan tees (mens) and pre-shrunk Bella tees 52%/48% polyester (womens). New for Fall, Neil has long sleeve tees and hoodies in the Faraday design. The hoodies are limited in quanity Hanes cotton and have the Faraday design on the back with a Dharma/Phish patch sewn on the front. For ordering info/paypal instructions please paypal neil_fontenot@yahoo.com

Faraday (womens)
Faraday (womens)

Check out Neil’s Shirts – they make great gifts!!!!

Desmond Wolfman's Brother (mens)
Desmond Wolfman's Brother (mens)

4 thoughts on “LOST/Phish shirts by Neil Fontenot”

  1. I have been looking all over for the Daniel Faraday Trapped in time shirt to give as a gift to my boyfrined. Please to me you have an XL? thanks!

  2. sup Neily,
    we met on the phish lot a couple years ago @ redrox. i was pokin around ur site looking for some lost/phish patches. also that sticker w/ trey’s guitar & the one w/ the dress. if you have any please leme know as id like to order 10.

    also id like to order a lost/ Faraday hoodie XL & some long sleeved tees if ya got any? also looking to order some lost bisco patches… should i contact Corey for these?
    stayntouch peace,

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