Me No Are No Nice Girl Shirts

The first shirt made exclusively for the ladies, ‘Me No Are No Nice Girl’ shirts were designed by Jiggs as a play on the lyrics from Mike’s Song. A little rainbow and some lightning around the words signify that there is more than meets the eye. The shirt is printed on ‘baby-doll’ style tees and are 100% cotton. The cost for this shirt is $18 with free shipping and a free sticker with each purchase.

There are a limited quantity of these shirts available, so order today!


2 thoughts on “Me No Are No Nice Girl Shirts”

  1. I tried to purchase this as a guest to paypal and it refused to take my PNC Visa/Debit card. Any thoughts?

  2. that might be an issue with paypal, rather than this site. if you dont have a paypal account, email me directly – phanart (at) gmail for payment arrangements

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