New Pin Addition to the Monster Truck Jams Series By Positive Energy Pin Designs

Bryan from Positive Energy Pin Designs would like to introduce to you to a new series of pins that he is collaborating with different well known pinner artists called “Monster Truck Jams.”
Each artist will pick a Phish song that they think is one that can produce a Monster Jam.
They will take that song, and in there own interpretation make it into
a Monster Truck! We have already starting making plans with more well known pin artist in the scene for the next Monster Truck Jam

This first pin in this series is:

Bathtub Gin Monster Truck Jam
this pin is 1.25″, double clutch backings, hard enamel, with PURPLE
They are Limited Edition of 100. The artist is Otto, from Otto Art.
IMAG1051 (640x361)This pin is $15 with shipping.
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The second pin in this series is:

Wolfmans Brother Monster Truck Jam
This pin is Hard Enamel and 1.25″. The LP Logo in the wheels GLOWS IN THE DARK! It has a double clutch backing and is a limited addition of 100. The art is by Ariane Davis.
IMAG1054 (640x361)
This pin is $15 with shipping.
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The third pin in this series is:

Ghost aka “Ghostdigger” Art by Terra-pins
This pin is hard enamel and 1.25″. The Ghostface GLOWS IN THE DARK!, has LP green glitter logos on the wheels, has green glitter flames, and is a limited edition of 100.
Ghost Phanart ad
THis pin is $15 with shipping.
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