Ryan Kerrigan’s MSG Canvases and Pins

Ryan Kerrigan’s smiling fishes are following us to MSG NYE run ’12! Along with the fishes are canvases and pins.

You can see more of Ryan’s work by ‘Liking’ his art page on facebook the art of ryan kerrigan or his website www.ryankerrigan.com.

The Madison Square Garden canvas is 29″x14″ stretched and ready to hang. Edition of 27. Commemorating what will be a total of 27 MSG shows. The banners in the canvas list all the dates of all the MSG shows!
$150 shipped (with holiday extras!)

2012 MSG happy fish pins. Edition of 100, $15 each.

2012 MSG pinboard with three circle light pins. The foamcore board is 18″x10″x1/2″. Edition of 55. Pins are exclusive to these boards. The board is designed to showcase anywhere from zero to all 21 of the happy fish pins in the 2012 series.
The board plus 3 light pins are $50 each, shipped.

PayPal all orders to ryan@ryankerrigan.com

Free and immediate shipping on everything.

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