MSG will be GLOWSTICK FRIENDLY! (thin glowsticks only)

Glow Stick Wars

It’s official. The heads of security at MSG and the DCU Center in Woosta have confirmed that thin glow sticks will be permitted at every single show of the New Year’s run. Thick glow ‘rods’ may be confiscated but Show Sticks are good to go!

ACT NOW: Buy 5+ tubes of Show Sticks and we’ll cover the cost of shipping.

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Time is Running Out…

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Order now and your sticks will ship out via UPS with tracking provided. Only 3-5 business days required to reach MA or NY – order now and save!

Get Your Show Sticks

Veteran’s Tip: Order with your friends to take advantage of price breaks for larger quantities!

Chris Kuroda
“I think that the glow-rings, the kind that fit together in the little plastic insert, they’re great. They look great flying around up there… Get thousands and millions of those little ringed ones. They’re thin. They couldn’t hurt a fly. Throw them around. They’ll look amazing. They really will. But I think everyone’s against the thick, plastic ones.”

Chris Kuroda Interview w/

Make it rain!

The GSW Team

Only Show Sticks are concert-friendly, and remember, 10% of every purchase is donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.
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