Music and Art Auction to benefit ‘Java’ John Goldacker’s wife Jennifer

Phans, please take the time to read the letter below from PhanArtist ‘Java’ John Goldacker. Support John and his family as best as you can during this tough time.

A message from ‘Java’ John Goldacker

Hi All.
Some of you may know, many probably have not heard yet…..

My lovely wife Jennifer has been quite ill for about a month and a half now, with what seemed like a horrible eye infection, and some bad stomach issues.
After 2 visits to her Doctor, 3 visits to an Ophthalmologist, one visit to her Oncologist,lots of bloodwork, 1 full body PET scan, and 2 MRIs (with one more coming), it seems like we are finally getting some answers.

It looks like Jen is going to have to undergo probably around six months of chemotherapy (and maybe radiation), again. They’ve located some bone lesions, and a few more possible issues that are probably the cause of her
recent ailments and exhaustion. We hope to have all of the answers by the end of the week.

Being a TWO-TIME cancer survivor, it is nearly impossible for her to get insurance. So, as you can imagine the bills are already stacking up!

I’ve listed some of my Art Prints (mostly ones that are in my Art Show), and some collectible Record Albums on her EBAY account. I’ll be adding more and different stuff from time to time, so please check back. So, if you would like to help out, and get something kool in return, please take a look!

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