MYFE. Designs’ Pins

MYFE. Designs produces original, custom, and interpretive pins. Their passion for a little quartet from Vermont led to the company being born in February of 2009 overseen by the efforts of Mike and Tanner. MYFE. has been designing phan-focused designs ever since. MYFE. strives to create commemorative and collectible pieces that will be treasured for years to come.

The detail MYFE. adds to each design is meticulously crafted then cast in jewel-quality cloisonné and spare no expense getting each pin up to a showcase status. Once they are finally ready for productions, they press in limited batches of 100 so that fans are guaranteed to have something special and unique.

As seen on the Side Projects page, MYFE. Designs is a conduit for a wide variety of other pin services. Whether you are a non-profit or for-profit, a tight-knit group or mass distributor, we enjoy taking on new projects and guarantee highest quality results.

MYFE has graciously donated a set of pins for later auction for the benefit of The Mockingbird Foundation to support music education.

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