New Limited Edition Pins from StuPINdous Creations!

2013 can only come once pholks, check out these new 30th anniversary pins made by our phriends over at StuPINdous Creations.  It’s a flipper(ambigram), says Phorevr either way you flip the pin.  Also has 83′- until…. stamped on the back.  Each pin measures 1.5 inches long and 1/2 inch tall.  The first one featured below is done on die-struck antique silver metal with recessed red glitter donuts.  While the second one is rainbow colored on silver metal with recessed silver metal donuts.  Each color is a limited edition of 75.  Only $10 shipped.

phorever pin 1


phorever pin 2




Or if you were looking for something lyrically inspired, check out this Get Back on the Train Pin,  by StuPINdous Creations, featuring 12 colors, glitter, and a spinning world!  The bucket has a brain in it and the numbers on the back of the train represent the date of the first time this song was played. The pin is 1.5 inches tall w/ a 5/8 inch spinning world.  Each comes with a rubber back and is numbered 01/100.  Only $15 shipped.

BotT Pin


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