NYE NYC Phish pins

Living in NYC, there was no shortage of inspiration through iconic symbols and everyday items that I could co-opt and phunk-ta-phy.

Whether you’re visiting the city for the run or you live here all year, you’ll probably end up with a subway pass in your pocket. This one has been tweaked. It reads “New Year’s Run” and has a subtle MSG at the top where it would normally say MTA. The dates of the run are below the ‘magnetic strip’ on the card. The hard enamel subway pass measures 1.5” x .5” – numbered 1-200 on the back, 2 posts. It also has a cut-out to simulate the real card as closely as possible. $13

The coffee cup is based on the iconic Greek-style coffee cup that has fueled the city that never sleeps for nearly 50 years. The font traditionally reads “We are happy to serve you” but has been changed for our purposes to read “We want you to be happy.” The hard enamel cup is 1.25” x .75”, 2 posts, and numbered 1-100 on the back. $13

Who doesn’t heart Fishman? The classically NY image has been tweaked to represent the how WE get down. High polished silver surrounds this phunky phrock! The hard enamel pin measures 1” x1”, #’d 1-200 on the back, and has 2 posts for sturdy wear. $13

Buy all 3 pins for $35!

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