Official Disco Biscuit Holiday Run Quintic by TRiPP

New Years Run Quintic Poster Set Pre Sale

TRiPP has made some killer Phish and Panic posters over the years, but for The Disco Biscuits 5 night run in late December, he’s outdone himself!

Each print is hand silk screened in acrylic ink, with a naturally occurring glow in the dark phosphorescent ink. The individual posters each measure 10″ x 22″ and are printed on cotton watercolor paper using all archival materials. The five piece set fits together and when framed leaves two perfect spaces for adding your ticket stubs if so desired! Due to the unique process used during the production of these prints involving blending of colors to create new colors, the colors shown on the screen are approximate and may vary slightly from the finished prints. Each set is designed, produced, individually signed and numbered by TRiPP.

Pre sale ends December 17th, order your prints here!

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