One Year Anniversary of PhanArt’s Release!

It’s been a great year for PhanArt.  On 2/7/09 we held our kickoff party at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY (click to see photos by Andy Hill from State of Mind Magazine) and it was an immense success.  Besides the 100+ pre-ordered books, we sold 30 more books at the show, raised over $300 for Mockingbird, and set sights on Hampton. We sold over 40 books in Hampton and sold out of the first printing in less than 4 months time!

The McLovins, photo by PhanArt Pete

We are midway through the second printing which has been selling quite well. As of today, the 1-year anniversary of PhanArt’s publication, we have sold 374 books and raised over $1500 for Mockingbird Foundation.

PhanArt Pre-party, photo by Mike Wren

Thank you all for your continued support of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, the PhanArt Blog and The Mockingbird Foundation

PhanArt Pete and Andy Hill, photo by Mike Wren
The Flow encoring with 'After Dark', artwork by Jon Blake, aka crazyredbeard, photo by Mike Wren
The McLovins, photo by Mike Wren

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