Original Big Cypress and Vegas ’03 Prints by Eric Hanson

You read that right. Artist Eric Hanson, one of the first artists profiled on PhanArt.net in 2009 has unearthed original prints he made for Big Cypress in 1999. These are Big Cypress originals – not reprints, all unsigned and unnumbered (the green variant sold out at BC), these are the last remaining prints among the 2000 prints that were made for the Big Cypress show. All these posters were screen printed on hemp paper. With only a dozen black and three purple, you have a prime chance to pick up some original Phanart from Big Cypress, all for $25.

Big Cypress, 1999
Big Cypress blue, 1999
Blue, Black and Purple variants
Blue, Black and Purple variants

Viva Las Vegas Posters from the February 2003 shows at Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. These 20 are part of an original series of 250 signed and numbered prints, color reproductions of original artwork. These posters are also $25. Eric is sharing some great, rare art from 1999 and 2003 at one of the great events of the summer.

eric hanson VivaLasVegas

Order either of these prints at PhanArt.Weebly.com/

One thought on “Original Big Cypress and Vegas ’03 Prints by Eric Hanson”

  1. Are there any of the big cypress posters left??? I have been searching the internet trying to find something. Greatest weekend of my life!!!

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