Page Likes Sandwiches Stickers

Designed by Jiggs and available exclusively from PhanArt, these ‘Page Likes Sandwiches’ stickers measure 4.25″ X 2.75″ and are printed on Vinyl stickers, able to resist weathering and wear and tear for a couple of years of touring. The stickers cost 1 for $3, 2 for $5 and 5 for $10.

How do you like your sandwich? Leave a comment below and the best answer wins 5 stickers from PhanArt! Order here!

4 thoughts on “Page Likes Sandwiches Stickers”

  1. -You take a baguette – a good one, not some safeway fucking shit, one you have to actually speak to a fucking person to receive, ideally this person is french! – and you bisect it, then cut it down it’s length.

    -The TOP half gets a thin spread of dijon. The good stuff. Not yellow prepared american bullshit. It should not include the word “Honey”.

    -The BOTTOM half receives a spread of basil aioli. If you are too much of a bitch to make your own aioli, good mayo will do. If you eat anything that contains the words “Miracle” or “Whip”, get the fuck out of this thread, NOW!

    -On the top half – layer thin slices of prosciutto so that they curl delicately from one end to the other.

    -On the bottom half – layer thick slices of ripe tomato, then a grind of black pepper, then a layer of triple cream brie.

    -Place both sides of the sandwich face-up in a toaster oven. Allow the sandwich to gestate. (“Gestate” is the proper term for any sandwich toasting period. Gestation periods may vary based on toaster or broiler strength. Use your fucking eyes.)

    -Remove from the oven and gently marry (or join) both sides of the sandwich.
    -Cut the sandwich into appropriate portions and plate.
    -Pair the sandwich with some wine. What kind of wine?!?
    -Is it hot out? Drink some chilled white wine. Is it windy or cold outside? I hear red wine is pretty fucking good.

    -Go have sex in the middle of the afternoon like Italians do. It’ll make you feel great.

  2. In NC you wait and get a beautiful homegrown red tomato from your garden or local farmers market,

    -procure some soft white bread. ( i prefer Martin’s Potato Bread) as well as Duke’s Mayo. yes in my mind it really only works with Duke’s

    -Slice up those ‘maters, mayo up the bread and assemble… sprinkle with black pepper and that is that, does not get much more simple then that.

    – The taste is amazing, and when tomato is extra juicy the bread will start to turn pink.


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