Discounted shirts from Salad Jones

Update from Salad on March 4th:

“Tour is coming and I need to make room. All left over shirts on my site are on sale for 6 bucks!! 3.50 for shipping so get any of these shirts for under 10 bucks at your door! Shirts included are Chairman of the Boards, Ladies Party Time shirts seen below and Melt Your Face shirts and other designs! Thanks Everybody and stay tuned for my new designs coming later this year.”

You can pick these shirts up here

From Salad Jones:

I just got done making some womens baby-doll style, subtle and not so subtle Party Time shirts. On the front is a group of balloons with an oh so familiar design and on the back bottom in nice big printing is PARTY TIME! The sizes run small, so my wife who usually wears a medium wears a large of these. The small would be great for a younger phan!

back on the bottom of the shirt

Tis the holiday season so 20% of the profit will be donated to mockingbird! Thank you for looking and check out my store where I have other goodies including new Chairman of the Boards shirts. 10% of all sales from my site also go to mockingbird. Everybody have a fun safe holiday and enjoy the shows!


Please specify size!

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