Periodic table of Ph[ish]

From Sam and Evan of El Del Inc.

The idea for the Periodic Table of Ph[ish] came about while we were working on a Reba design. While discussing the ingredients in Reba’s pot, Evan says, “I GOT IT!” “Periodic table of phish!”. Genius. So we threw around the idea for a bit and landed on song abbreviations and names, as if a setlist was a scientific equation. After testing the waters, although not a GREAT water to test, phans of PT said we should make it more akin to the real Periodic table. So we added Song Debut to it as well. Things you might not catch at first glance, every song in blue boxes is a Gamehendge related song (minus Punch), green are the classics and heavy hitters we all yearn for, despite recent complaints that they have been played too much. We also tried to keep songs that are always played together next to one another, like Horse > Silent in the Morning, OhKeePa > Suzy.

The cost of the poster is $20, and it measures 12×18. You can find it on lot at Providence, Amherst and Atlantic City. Sam and Evan have offered to donate two posters to PhanArt for benefit of Mockingbird Foundation.

This print is sold out

9 thoughts on “Periodic table of Ph[ish]”

  1. Love this idea! Definitely interested, especially if this was a shirt too. The only fall tour show I’m hitting is Utica so hopefully you guys will be there.

  2. Where is N.I.C.U.? bought two and love them, but was it too obvious it had to be excluded? were there some heated debates about whether or not to break up the song name in keeping with the “real” periodic table? phans demand answers and would also like phish to play demand!!!

    1. Pman- no NICU because its already Ni Cu in the real periodic table and wouldnt have worked in our Periodic Table of Ph[ish].

      justin- glad you like the pitch!

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