Phamily Poker Tournament

Update 10/16/10: PhanArt is proud to Sponsor the 2010 Phamily Poker Classic. Posters, shirts and a copy of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish will be included as prizes in the event.

Announcing the 2010 Phamily Poker Classic!

The Phamily Poker Classic is a No Limit Texas Hold-em event that is for the phans and taking place in Atlantic City in the afternoon of October 30th with the final table taking place in the afternoon of October 31st. The Phamily Poker Classic is a completely non profit event with a portion of the proceeds going to The Mockingbird Foundation and the rest to the prize pool along with other cool donated items. The Tropicana Hotel & Casino is being gracious enough to help us run this event and with their help, I know that this will be a great experience for all involved!

Every player in The Phamily Poker Classic will have an opportunity to win the Tournament Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot. As of 9/12 the jackpot is currently at $49,768. Full details and rules for the Tournament Bad Beat Jackpot can be found here.

Each table will have a bounty player. This player is playing for the benefit of The Mockingbird Foundation and a special prize will be given to the player who knocks a bounty player out of the tournament. If a bounty player knocks another bounty player out of the tournament, then the latter bounty player’s prize (or prizes) will be added to the former bounty player’s prize(s). In the off chance that a bounty player wins the Tournament, the prize(s) that that player has will be auctioned off following the final table. While you will win a non-cash prize if you bust out a bounty player, we anticipate that the number and quality of non-cash prizes you receive for doing so will depend on the stage at which you knock out that bounty player and what prize(s) are carried by that bounty player at the time of knockout.

Tournament tickets are $120 and are available for advanced purchase at Cardboard Spaceship. If there is a demand to expand the tournament; additional seats may be available. Do not count on purchasing tickets at the door as this event is likely to be sold out in advance at 100 players.

For further details about the tournament as well as rules and regulations click here.

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