Phamily shirts – the one and only

If you’ve been on tour since the late 90s, you have probably seen one or more incarnations of the ‘Phamily Tree’ shirts, designed by Mike Davoli. These shirts are extensive in detail, noting every single band, side project, tour, one-offs and just regular old Phish bands that the boys have been in.  Starting with Space Antelope (Trey) and Tombstone Blues Band (Mike) and working up from those roots, the evolution of Phish, along with all the side projects has become an amazing shirt, and one that is never the same twice.


Phall 2009 Front

These shirts, printed on Black Long sleeve Tees, cost $20, with free shipping. you can order them online at

Sizes M, L, XL, XXL

These shirts are PhanArt Recommended and PhanArt Approved, so pick one up today, cause once they’re gone, thats all folks…..


Fall 2009 Phamily Shirt Back

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