PhanArt SPAC Contest!!!!!

Guess the exact number of arrests at SPAC this weekend and win a poster and shirt from PhanArt!

How to enter:

Leave a comment below with The number of arrests you think there will be over BOTH days of the shows at SPAC.

Include an answer to the tie-breaker question:

How many Felony arrests total?

Winner will be notified once the final numbers on arrests are tallied by the soon-to-be-swimming-in-money-from-fines Saratoga Police Department

16 thoughts on “PhanArt SPAC Contest!!!!!”

  1. Hey PhanArt! I like this… my guess is 350 arrests…. with 25 felonies. I have no idea is this is anywhere near realistic, as I’m the first one lol, but it’s a guess!

  2. 375 arrests and 32 felonies… The amount of drugs in the lot has to surpass the Dave show!

  3. results will be posted when i get back from tour July 1st, and to ensure an accurate count. we’re going for the official word, not the one in the paper. stay tuned…..

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