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PhanFood: From the Kitchen Pot to the Parking Lot, by Taraleigh Weathers and Pete Mason

Review by: Erica Sherman, Chef and Founder of

Ask any “phan”- when going to a Phish show, it’s not just a concert, it’s an experience.  The “lot,” the tailgate parties and vending set-ups of food and merchandise that create themselves in various parking lots across America has become synonymous with the music.

The association between music and art has existed in both creative mediums throughout our history. As such, it seems only innate that Phan Art would be the first installation from Pete Mason. But, in recent years has the idea of music and food have begun to harmonize, and it would be hard to find a Phish phan out there who didn’t have a favorite lot veggie burrito or pulled pork sandwich.  So it was no surprise Phan Food was soon to follow.

A collaboration between Pete Mason and Taraleigh Weathers, Phan Food is a compilation of recipes and interviews from lot chefs and fans.  The recipes include everything from appetizers and soups to breakfast to entrees and feature a variety of cuisines, much like you would fine on the lot at a Phish show. They’re also lot/tailgate friendly; you can even cook “Under the Harry Hood Wings” in the hood of your car on the way to the show. The food is healthy (albeit some ingredients are processed and pre-made), and feature techniques anyone can handle.  Alongside the recipes are interviews from the dishes creators, exposing the inspirations behind the fare and providing insight into their personal Phish and food experiences.

It was hard to pick a recipe to try out when I was reading Phan Food, but the combination of flavors in Colonel Forbin’s Caribbean Chicken Roti sounded to tasty to pass up. The great thing about this recipe was it required very little preparation. Once everything was cut to size, I threw it into a pot and left it to cook – and then cool – for awhile. This recipe also has perfect lot portability; you can precook it at home and reheat it on lot, then serve with tortillas and mango chutney for a perfect lot bite.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to recreate a Phish lot in your home, then kick back, relax, and cook up one of the recipes from Phan Food. It’s a healthy combination of delicious eats and nostalgia, making it a great gift for any music or food lover.

Order a copy here.

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