Phish Coins for Leg 2 – Lake Tahoe and Denver

Adam Davidoff (the coin guy) has two new coins to debut for Leg 2 of the Phish Summer Tour.

The Lake Tahoe $46 Poker Chip was printed in a limited run of 300 chips, but a production error has delayed them. Hopefully I will have them before the Colorado Run next week, but you can see the final proof on the link provided. They are $10 each, just like the Halloween Poker Chips, plush shipping and handling fees.

The Buffalo Bill Wooden Nickel just landed today and is ready to ship. They were printed in a limited run of 1000 and are sequentially numbered. If there is/are number(s) you would like, Adam will do his best to accommodate your request. They are only $5 each plus shipping and handling fees.

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