Phish Fall Tour 2010 Dates

Confirmed Phish Fall Tour Dates

10/8 – Austin City Limits Music Festival, Austin, TX

10/10-10/12 –  1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO

10/15-16 -North Charleston Coliseum, Charleston, SC

10/19 – Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, ME

10/20 – Utica Memorial Auditorium, Utica, NY

10/22 – Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, RI

10/23-24 -Mullins Center, UMASS Amherst, MA

10/26 – Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, NH

10/29-10/31 – Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

Initial analysis indicates that Phish has some sort of grudge against the west coast, and that those 3 Greek shows should hold you over for about 10-11 months. Phish also seems to like being near home, spending 9 out of 15 dates of fall tourin the northeast. This bodes well for people who live in the northeast, as well as the potential for extras, with less college kids from the midwest and south coming to see Phish. But there’s always Umphrey’s McGee and Widespread Panic to hold you over till New Years. It’s not the same, but if you pretend its sometime between 2005-2008 when Phish wasn’t touring, it will feel right. Maybe not completely right, but close.

But yeah, Midwest got hosed on tour dates. What did you guys do?

Some Atlantic City tips – bring condoms. This goes for dudes as well as the ladies. Understand that Atlantic City is a CDC hazard site and you will most likely leave with an STD.  A bachelor party I attended in 2005 netted 5 cases of the Clap alone in one hotel room. Wear these condoms during the show, just to be safe. Rashes and diseases sneak up all over during the stay there. They don’t come out during the day usually, but around 6pm, load up on lots of hand-sanitizer. For your skin, not to drink. The predictable hot lot item? Penicillin. By the bottle. Going rates in early fall tour trading on the PhanArt Stock Exchange show initial projections to be 1 for 3, 2 for 5 (143245) but this could rise as tour heats up. Diseases are attracted to heat. Stay vigilant fans. Also a hot lot item:

nectar of the gods

Mainly in Utica, but don’t be surprised to see it in…. Oh nevermind, it’s only going to be a hot lot item in Utica. And cheap as shit too. Enjoy the deliciousness that is, Utica Club. ANYONE CAN JOIN THE UTICA CLUB! We’ll see you this fall folks! Stay tuned for updates from the road, as well as phan made art for sale here on the PhanArt Blog!

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