Phish hats

One thing that is rarely seen on lot are Phish-themed hats. We have shirts, posters, even underwear and jewelry, but rarely are there hats out there for phans to pick up.  That void has been filled with Bill Olshefski’s line of Phish hats.

The hats in this gallery come in two sizes, Small/Medium and Large/XLarge and sell for $25 each. Contact Bill at first to check on quantity and style of hat availability, and using Paypal send money to The Slave hats are flat-brim style (think Bisco kidz) while all others are baseball caps.

Colors for the hats varies, with Harpua hats in black or tan, Slave hats in olive, black or gray, Ghost in black, and My Friend My Friend hats in maroon or brown. Bill has many more hats planned for the near future, so stay tuned for more designs!

The only hat reference we could think of comes from the rarest of Phish songs. Use your Pharmer’s Almanac or Phish Companion to figure out this song’s title:

“Keep The Swiss Miss Girl was disgusted
And she smacked him right in his face
Then she took his hat
And she stamped on that”

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