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Pin Me Down Designs is the creation of Josh & Christy from North Carolina. Having been on tour since 1996, you may have seen them flip quesadillas on lot. They have been designing pins since summer 2009. Most of the pins are produced in small quantities or limited editions and designed based on their love of music.  Josh and Christy try to keep their designs modern and make their pins suitable for clothing, bags, hats or collecting. Each pin incorporates the limits of what can be done with a pin (i.e. the book pin and their spinner pins). Although most of their pins can be found on their website, they doe make a few ‘lot only’ pins that can only be found at shows.

The pins seen here include the Ghost Book Pin which is an actual tiny book that opens to read “Summer Tour 2011” on the left page. The tour dates and cities are listed on the right page. This pin is a limited edition of 300 for the first leg of Summer 2011. It measures 1.25” and has a double posted back. Cost for the pin is $20 plus $3 shipping and handling.

The Ghost Pin is a super cute Mini-Pac-Man style ghost wearing the Cheerio dress. This pin is .5” and has 1 post and is perfect to rock low key style. Cost for this pin is $10 with $3 shipping and handling.

Trey/Jedi Pin: This brand new design says Trey and flips to read Jedi. It features Trey’s Languedoc and a glow in the dark light saber! This pin measures 2” from guitar to tip of light saber and is double backed. This pin costs $18 with $3 shipping and handling.

Ghost Pin

Ghost Book Pin

Trey/Jedi Pin

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