Possum pins from 10 minute tube designs

10 Minute Tube Designs has featured Owls, Sand and Monkeys in the past and they are continuing with this successful trend of pins with two related pins.

The first, Possum, measures 1 1/4 x 1 1/4, has a two prong back and the back stamped with the 10 Minute Tube design team name. Only 100 of these pins were made and they cost $10 each.

Relatedly, the ‘I’m Killin’ It Pin‘ is for those who do in fact “Kill it”. It GLOWS IN THE DARK and measures 1 1/4″ around with a two Prong Back and the back stamped with the 10 Minute Tube design team name. Only 200 were made and less than 50 are still available for sale! Get yours now for $15.00




2 thoughts on “Possum pins from 10 minute tube designs”

  1. Where would I get one of those stamps? Please do tell me, I so wanted to have them! I think they’d be great as gifts and ornaments. Would I get a discount if I bought a bunch?

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