Postcards: A Book on Widespread Panic, by the Fans, for the Fans

Having created PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish during the span of  2004 to 2009, I know how important it is to get the input and feedback from fans to create such a book. Heather Nigro, a Widespread Panic fan I met during the April 2009 run of Panic shows at House of Blues in Orlando, has created a project similar to PhanArt, aimed at Widespread Panic fans. The book, Postcards: By the Fans, for the Fans  has developed from a visually enhanced narrative of two like-minded souls exploring their Widespread Panic experience, into a community based journey. The book includes fan submissions, stories, photos and  artwork from almost 500 people. The book is slated to be finished by Spring of 2013, and they can meet their goal with a Kickstarter created to fund the publication of the book.

You can support Postcards by donating through their Kickstarter, and support one of the great fanbases in the live music scene. This is a great project and needs the help of fans to turn the dream into a reality. Lend a hand fans!


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