Ray John 2012

Ray John 2012 is the campaign for partying. Their purpose is to inform people in the music scene about upcoming shows, festivals and tours coming into town. Ray John provides promotion for musicians, artists and anyone who loves music and is doing there part on the scene. Concert reviews, venue ratings and promotions are all part of the Ray John missing.

Ray John is not a person as much as it is a voice for the people who rage on, representing the music scene and are committed to being a face for people to recognize and rage with for years to come.

Ray John’ clothing line, Rage On Clothing, features Ray John shirts and tank tops as well as more merchandise in the near future. Ray John 2012 is the campaign for partying and they are coming to a festival or show near you, so look out for them and RAGE ON!

Check out RayJohn.Org for some great gear and an awesome addition to the live music community!

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