Read Icculus stickers

From Christine Liotti come her ‘Read Icculus” stickers

“During the Oswego ’99 Icculus, my friends and I hugged and held each other laughing hysterically in an “I can’t!” kind of moment and I’ll never forget it. After that we all labeled everything “Read-Icculus” every chance we had. Finally in 2003 I made the first run of stickers, then in 2009 made a new sticker and a t-shirt. After selling out of all editions (the t-shirts sold out after Hartford ’09’s Icculus), I made this smaller, and possibly final version before summer tour ’11.

Side note – On 8/23, thanks for Christines kindness of donating 30 stickers all to benefit Mockingbird Foundation, we SOLD OUT! IN LESS THAN AN HOUR and together made $60.76 for Mockingbird Foundation! Nice work!

8 thoughts on “Read Icculus stickers”

  1. Christine,

    I just got my package in the mail! Thank you so much for your speedy delivery and plan to send more my way soon enough. They look great and many things need to be tagged…including the Gorge!



  2. Gordon! So glad youenjoymysticker! Your second package is on its way! This is the first leg of tour since ’00 that I won’t be able to hit at all (unless I am able to jump in the car for UIC), so I’m glad you’ll be out there rockin it! Thank you for promoting a literate generation! 😉

  3. Thanks Christine. Headed west in a few short days. Literacy will be promoted from east to west. GOOOOOOOOOOO Helping Phriendly Book!

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