Ryan Kerrigan Auction to Benefit PhanArt for Mockingbird Foundation!

Presenting EIGHT by Ryan Kerrigan

Ryan has come up with an impressive and unique artistic creation for the upcoming Festival in Indio – A series of eight billiard balls, hand painted in silver and gold metallic ink

Ryan is a featured artist in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, and has been making posters on the Phish scene, as well as in the greater San Francisco area for over 10 years now.

7/8 Ball
7/8 Ball

The balls commemorate this year’s halloween festival in Indio, California. Each ball is signed by the artist, and is numbered 1/8 through 8/8.  The 8 ball comes with a stand (the ball pictured below is ball #1/8)

7/8 ball detail
7/8 ball detail

The first 6 balls have already sold, and balls 7/8 and 8/8 will be auctioned in ebay.

8 ball on stand
8 ball on stand

8.8% of the proceeds from the auctions will go towards the upkeep of phishposters.com
An additional 8.8% will go towards PhanArt, which will benefit the Mockingbird Foundation (mbird.org)

The current auction is for ball # 7/8 – bid now! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180421686191

Auction for #8/8 is going on now!


Check out the detail on these balls!

more images of 8 balls

2nd image

3rd iamge

4th image

5th image


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