Ryan Kerrigan prints for Fall Tour 2010

From Ryan Kerrigan, his posters for Fall 2010. Four stops on the tour are offered this tour, including Broomfield, Utica, Amherst, and Manchester.

Ryan will be on hand at Manchester and Broomfield selling these prints.

For the Utica and Amherst prints, you can find them at Utica, Providence, Amherst, Atlantic City, and here on the PhanArt Blog by clicking the Paypal button below! Posters are $15 each on lot, $18 including shipping online.

If you want to find PhanArt Pete on lot, best bet is to follow him on twitter – www.twitter.com/phanart and send him a reply to find out where he is.

Broomfield silkscreen edition of 55, 8.5"x20" (sold out)
Amherst offset prints, edition of 55, 10"x 16.5"
Manchester Silkscreen edition of 25, 8.5"x20" (available only in Manchester)

Utica offset prints, edition of 55, 10"x 16.5"


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