Setlist Tees, a Unique Concert T-shirt Combo

Ryan Stanley had a dream. His dream was that he could wear a T-Shirt that represented memories of his favorite concerts, the shows he’s been to and shows he wishes he’d been to. Ryan has a friend named Rick, a fellow music enthusiast who owns his own graphic design company. One night in October of 2010 the two friends got together over several cold beers at a local watering hole and put the seeds in the ground for what would eventually become The shirts below are a small sampling of what they have designed and made for sale on their site.

7/2/94 – Garden State Arts Center

One of our more popular shirts with the old school cassette on the front.This was also a special show for me, as it was the second of nine shows that I went to that summer and it was just the beginning of my first ‘Tour’.

7/8/94 – Great Woods

Part of that same tour and the last time that Phish played Gamehenge.What a summer. The design is the date surrounded by trees which is in reference to Great Woods, but may also be considered the forest of Gamehenge

12/2/09 – Madison Square Garden

First show at MSG in 3.0 – Also the first show at MSG for Phans who were too young to see them previously in NYC. There’s no place like the Garden. The design is literally a Square Garden with the date growing out of it.

9/2/11 – Dick’s Sporting Goods Park

The ‘S’ show! I remember listening to this show from the comfort of my Couch Tour and the lightbulb going off about 3 songs in that they were all S songs and really looking forward to the rest of the show to see if they’d pull the whole thing off. We’ve actually got 3 versions of this shirt. The one pictured is based off of the Superman logo because the show was So Super!!

10/20/10 – Guyutica

Considered by many to be a highlight of 2010 (which is saying a lot) – Personally this is one of my absolute favorite designs that we have.

6/22/94 – Veterans Memorial Auditorium

The second set from this show is literally one of my all time favorite sets. It takes place in Columbus OH – Hence the Columbus on the front of the shirt.

Pick up these shirts and suggest others at and find them on the web at, and

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