Smart Art in the Goose Community

Music inspires us all in different ways, and there are those who take inspiration from the music of Goose (as well as other bands) and turn it into art, whether it be posters and paintings, t-shirts and clothing, stickers and other memorabilia.

As Goose gets bigger, so does the community around them, more fan made art and creations are seen, and with that, a growing art scene. 

goose art
The artists and vendors at The Hometown Flodown at Red Rocks, August 18, 2022

With this growth in the Goose scene, there have been questions raised regarding what is and is not ‘OK’ to use when making art, so as not to violate Goose’s copyright and trademarks. 

Below are some basic guidelines that are not designed to limit fans, but rather to encourage more creativity. With simple guidelines of what the band owns and maintains the rights to, fans are left with plenty of room when it comes to making their own art. 

The following are basic guidelines when making Goose-inspired art that is intended for sale:

  • Do not use the band name “Goose” on art (e.g. alongside dates, venues or cities that may be listed, whether it be a poster, pin, t-shirt or any similar item sold by fans).
  • Do not use official Goose logos (e.g. the cursive goose logo).
  • Do not use the name(s) and/or the likeness(es) of ANY band members (e.g. don’t use Peter’s face on a t -shirt). 

Now, you could ignore these guidelines and take a chance on the band not noticing your use of protected IP, but the band’s management does have the right to send you a Cease and Desist order and pursue additional legal options. This can become expensive and is easily avoidable. Instances of fans not respecting basic IP guidelines is rare to hear of in the greater jam community, because these simple guidelines, similar to the Phish ones, are followed.

If you have concerns or questions having read this far, consult an IP lawyer. The guidelines listed here are not intended to be legal advice, but are strongly encouraged to be considered when making Goose-related/inspired art.

If you’d like to read past suggestions on the use of protected Intellectual Property (IP) in the Phish scene, read more here. To learn about Fair Use, read more here.

This information is not endorsed by nor should it be considered as an official policy of Goose or their management.

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